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Gay dating tips second date

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Otherwise known as the "are we still doing this date thing" if you're not at a bar.

When you're relative strangers in the social setting of a date, though, the silence is mildly unbearable.Again, just roll with it, because it's going to happen regardless.Besides, there are a few more required gay-first-date questions to get through anyways, like...If the guy answers "always the Village," he's probably a mildly slutty party-gay.If he says "mainly Mile End bars and underground events," he's probably a politically rad-queer.If not, now's your chance to plan your escape route, and that works both ways.

One time, while my random date was in the washroom, I totally texted my friend to call me, screaming about some emergency and needing some help.

No, I'm not proud, but it worked like a charm, so there.

Don't assume this happens at the end of the date, because if a guy is actually into you, then he might want to feel out exactly how far this first date will go.

This is actually more of a strategic maneuver than it is a getting to know the other person questions.

Essentially, based on their answers, you can get a feel of the kind of person they are and whether or not you guys will actually mesh.

Plus you get some decent backstory on your new boy.