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He was a French seaman tried for homosexuality on March 21, 1807 in Launceston.He sailed aboard the "Admiral Gambier" which departed Portsmouth on July 2, 1808 and arrived in Sydney on December 20, 1808.

The Health Ministry is warning that packages of smoked salmon may be contaminated with listeria.A statement says the possible contamination were limited to packages of sliced cold smoked salmon fillet produced by the Two Fisherman company with the batch number 1702-0103 and expiration date of March 10.US President Donald Trump is taking note of Wednesday’s UN-designated International Women’s Day, and asking his Twitter followers to join him in “honoring the critical role of women” in the United States and around the world.But what ever the status, they were all people whose lives tragically ended too early because they lived, or someone believed they lived, a life that they did not choose. Some people may not agree with including those who have committed suicide, but my argument here is that many of them would not have done so if the society in which they lived had accepted them and who they were.If they felt comfortable with their sexuality without having to worry about losing their families, jobs, and acceptance of God, they might not have done so.(AP/Ahn Young-joon) A 75-year-old Israeli businessman was found murdered in an apartment in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Local officials say the unnamed man was killed last Thursday, but it took almost a week for his body to be discovered.

He sailed aboard the "Admiral Gambier" which departed Porstmouth on July 2, 1808 and arrived in Sydney on December 20, 1808.

He received a conditional pardon on January 31, 1820.

However, I have received an e-mail from a friend of his information me that he was not transgendered and that, to his knowledge, his murder was not a hate crime but rather a random murder and mugging by gang members. James was a 17 year old student from Buffalo who was brutally murdered by five other students.

His name has regularly been found on transgender memorial lists since that time.

One suspect has been detained in connection to the attack.