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Sporli -- Palaeozoic carbonate rocks of the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica (abstract) / W. Dalziel -- Swanson Formation and related rocks of Marie Byrd Land and a comparison with the Robertson Bay Group of northern Victoria Land / J.

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The papers presented during the symposium were divided into fifteen categories covering east and west Antarctica, marine, land and glacial geology, plate tectonics, islands, peninsulas, climatic change and Precambrian and Cenozoic era activity. Tingey -- Geological history of the Archaean Napier Complex of Enderby Land / L. Bradshaw -- Geosynclinal sedimentation and Ross orogeny in northern Victoria Land (abstract) / F. Vetter [and others] -- Chemistry of Palaeozoic granites of northern Victoria Land (abstract) / D. Skinner -- The petrology and origin of orbicular tonalite from western Taylor Valley, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica / P. Oliver -- Geochemistry, petrography and geochronology of the Cambro-Ordovician and Devonian-Carboniferous granitoids of northern Victoria Land, Antarctica / U. Frischbutter [and others] -- A geochronological investigation of the Shackleton Range / R. Clarkson -- Tectonics and relationships between structural stages in the Precambrian of the Shackleton Range, western margin of the East Antarctic craton / J. Paech -- The late Precambrian and early Palaeozoic history of the Shackleton Range, Coats Land / P. Marsh -- Structure and outline of geologic history of the southern Weddell Sea Basin / E. Plume -- Isotopic and chemical variations in Kirkpatrick basalt group rocks from south Victoria Land / P.

Bowman -- The depositional environment of the Lower Devonian Horlick Formation, Ohio Range / M.

Contains 174 papers, in complete or abstract form, presented at the fourth International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences in Adelaide, south Australia from August 16-20, 1982. evidence for the redistribution of Sm and Nd during metamorphism (abstract) / M. Yoshida [and others] -- Spinels in calc-silicate rocks from the coast of Lutzow-Holm Bay and surrounding areas (abstract) / H.

This volume contains a record of the centenary activities celebrating Sir Douglas Mawson and the one hundred and seventy-four papers that were presented by delegates for discussion over the five days.

Palmer -- The granites and two orogenies of southern Victoria Land / D. Stump -- The structural development of selected areas in the Pensacola Mountains (abstract) / A.

Skinner -- A re-interpretation of the basement granites, Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica (abstract) / R. Findlay -- Petrology and geochemistry of the Queen Maud batholith, central Transantarctic Mountains, with implications for the Ross orogeny / S. Borg -- Type locality of the Ackerman Formation, La Gorce Mountains, Antarctica / E.

Nishida -- Lead isotopic composition in metamorphic rocks from Skarvsnes, East Antarctica / H.