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Google latitude background updating android

google latitude background updating android-32

The developer claims that this saves on battery life, since it's not constantly updating.The problem I've always had with Latitude is I'm not sure what it's for - other social location apps like Foursquare at least relate your location to a place - a bar or venue - so you can find friends, rather than just tracking you on a map.

That’s too bad, because there’s a lot of potential here.Now you do the same to get your location piped into Latitude.You can find it on your i Phone simply by directing your browser here: I do not want to use GPS data as the intent of the application is for indoor locations where GPS signal is heavily challenged i.e. Did I maybe miss something in the google maps API that someone can point me too?I will be calculating the new latitude/longitude using old lat/lon data and the sensor data (accelerometer for example).When I bring up my friends list in google latitude, I can NEVER see my profile pic, although it shows up on my friend's maps no problem, and it also shows up when I sign in to latitude on my desktop... Also it seems to be displaying different pics for some friends on my phone then it does on my desktop.

This is all happening on my MOto DROID-- and btw everything else seems to be working fine with it.

I'll try implement this overnight with some sample data.

Just to clarify, after I calculate my new Lat Lng I just plug it into the Position() function and it should update on the map correct?

One of the big features of Apple's i OS 4 software is the ability for third-party apps to run in the background, including location-based apps.

That means constant tracking of your location, rather than only knowing where you are when you load up the app or check-in using it.

It doesn't have a native i OS app yet, so Latitudie is filling the gap.