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Google latitude not updating location droid

How much do you use Google Now in your everyday life?Google Maps has today announced a new feature to allow you to share your location with others.

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Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own solutions for sharing your pinpoint location in real time.The new feature is available now but you’ll need to set it up for each individual.To do so, tap the blue dot indicating where you are in the map or go to the side menu in the app and tap “Get Started.” After that, just follow the same instructions but instead tap “Share Location,” then choose any number of contacts with whom you want to share your location for a few minutes, hours, months or on an on-going basis.Foursquare’s Swarm lets you check in wherever you are and both Lyft and Uber give you the option of seeing where your friend is if they share their ride location with you.Now Google Maps will let you tell your friends where you are and give them directions to your location.But in 2013, Google decided to instead roll location sharing into its social network Google as it exited the business of check-ins and real-time tracking in Maps.

However, it was arguably a mistake to pull location sharing from Google Maps, where it worked best and made the most sense.

It can be fairly useful once Google Now learns, but waiting for it to teach itself takes long for some.

Luckily, Google has provided a few ways to automatically set these locations for you using Google Maps and Latitude.

It also lent a sort of creepy vibe to the social network that’s today focused on letting users more precisely control what information they’re sharing, and with whom.

Google acknowledged location sharing is a sensitive topic but told Tech Crunch, “This is about making things simple, accessible and giving people that access to transparency…Anyone with bad intentions can find many other apps and means out there.

While that might seem creepy, it’s not the first to add this type of functionality.