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In the beginning we have no idea what any of this has to do with the future events of the movie or even how it ties in with the overall plot, but its alot of fun for any cinephile to sit back and just soak in the Hitchcockian “setup” of characters, shots and locations that we know will “payoff” strongly in the end.However, when the CATALYST appears at around minute 13 in the movie, its so seemingly casually presented that you wouldn’t know it unless you were looking for it.

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” We then see Roger seamlessly walk from a cartoon world into the human world, discussing his performance with the director (nice cameo by Joel Silver btw.) The is that you will see, for the 1st time ever, the amazing synchronization of live-action actors and cartoons on screen at the same time. The plot thickens before we’ve even get to minute 10 of the movie. The beat(s) of the film are interesting and surprisingly complex and well thought out.It’s great fun to watch; both as a fan and a writer / filmmaker. After “realizing” the way beats are used in all movies and how setups and payoffs are an essential part of storytelling, you’ll find watching movies a whole new experience. tribute video, for any of you interested in screenwriting or just knowing more about how movies are written, I leave you with this challenge – Read Save The Cat!and start looking for the beats in your favorite movies (new and old.) I do it all the time and it not only makes me a better filmmaker, its just a heck of alot of fun. Tribute Videos with tags blake snyder, jeremy snead, mediajuice studios, robert zemeckis, save the cat!May Blake Snyder rest in peace and may his innovative teachings in Save The Cat! , tribute video, who framed roger rabbit on November 9, 2010 by mediajuicestudios FYI; anyone wanting to learn the “Save The Cat!” method of screenwriting, be sure to get the book called (surprisingly) “Save The Cat! Tribute Videos with tags blake snyder, dallas, final tribute video, jeremy snead, mediajuice studios, save the cat!

, screenwriting resource, screenwriting tool, tom cruise, tony scott, top gun, tribute video, tx on November 15, 2010 by mediajuicestudios I would be lying if I said we weren’t saving the best for last. It has been a real pleasure to put these video tributes together. Aside from being one of the best 80’s movies of all time, Top Gun’s story beats are strongest we have seen from any of the movies we have broken down using Blake Snyder’s beat sheet. As Blake Snyder teaches, the B-story is a nice way for the intensity of the plot to cool down, to give the audience a break from everything that’s suppose to be happening to make the story move forward.

All the setups have been paid off and all of the loose ends have been tied up. I apologize for the 4 week hiatus on the blog here.

We got very busy at Mediajuice the past couple of months and I just did not have the bandwidth to keep posting new tributes the past few weeks.

It feels like just another random meeting Jimmy Stewart is having with a friend (after his seemingly random meeting with his friend & ex-fiance) but as you continue to watch you see that his friend asking him to spy on his wife is what begins the whole crazy, unpredictable journey for Scottie (Jimmy Stewart). Watching Scottie follow Madeleine and try to figure out her strange behavior, the strange locations and ultimately why she would want to commit suicide is a rich experience and really what all suspense movies be like.

The “DEBATE” beat is fairly straight forward in that Scottie argues with his friend for a few minutes and then takes the job which “breaks us into Act 2″…. And now for one of the stronger SAVE THE CAT moments in a film.

This simple, straight forward delivery of story is what makes WFRR such a joy to watch.