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James Hawver, 29, is an online dating master on both Ok Cupid (he was profiled in New York Magazine for having one of the most popular Ok Cupid profiles) and on Tinder. Well, Hawver says he gets 50 matches a day on Tinder.

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We are going to start thinking of us as a product and our candidates as our customers.Your profile description should be fun, short, and to the point.This is the opportunity for people to find out a bit about your personality and what you are looking for in a partner."You can see very easily visually what sorts of things you have in common with someone versus if you're on Ok Cupid, they would have to list an interest that they have."3.Use emoticons and be playful in your messages: Hawver says emoticons lighten up communication."I don't want to take the time to look back and forth and figure out if I want to talk to someone if there's no chance of them responding to me." Hawver says it's "definitely" more efficient this way.2.

"Like" a lot of things on Facebook: Hawver says liking a lot of pages on Facebook increases the number of talking points and common interests you have with other Tinder users.

I don't want to swipe right to just anyone who I have a Facebook friend with in case I don't really want to chat with that person."Hawver says it's much easier for him to swipe right on everyone than it is to be selective.

"I at least know that the people I'm matching with - the majority of them are willing to talk to me so I can say yes or no pretty quickly," he says.

Mix it up with your photos: Make sure your photos reflect a full life.

Some of Hawver's suggestions include having photos of yourself in an outdoor setting, with friends, in casual clothes and also in formal wear. If you match with somebody that you want to talk to, take a look at the interests you have in common and start a conversation based on common interests ...

A clear indication that people are not happy with themselves is when they don't portray who they really are online.