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Hagstrom serial number dating

Otherwise, the E9 serial was used in Korea around ... I have a mim stratocaster but it has 7 digits the number is MZ4238572 Every site including fenders tell me I ought to have only 6 digits, I was told by the ... Per the Blue Book of Electric Guitars, Dean's serial numbers are straight forward with the first two digits equaling the year of manufacture and the remaining ...

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The charts below will help you determine when your product was manufactured.For models older than 1993, please refer to the chart below.4-Digit Serial Numbers When the 410 was introduced in 1991 it was given a unique serial numbering.I was thrilled when I pulled up this thread and got the answer. My Gibson Les Paul Studio was born in Nashville, TN on February 28,2005 It was number 252 in the production run.10-Digit Serial Numbers Our current 10-digit serial numbering format that started in November of 2009 identifies where the guitar was built, the start date, and the assigned number of the guitar on that day's production schedule.Other than the first four digits noting the year, it's decoded the same as the 9-digit serial numbers.

See the explanation for serial number 20070311301 below: 20070311301 First four digits indicate the year - 2007 20070311301 5th & 6th digits indicate the two-digit month - 03 (March) 20070311301 7th & 8th digits indicate the day - 11 (the 11th) 20070311301 9th digit is a series code number - 0 for 300 or 400 Series, 1 for 500 thru Presentation Series, 2 for 200 Series, 3 for a Baby, 4 for a Big Baby, 5 for T5, 7 for Nylon Series, 8 for 100 Series, and 9 for Solid Body Series. 20070311301 Last two digits indicate the guitar's position in that day's production sequence. Record keeping in the early days was spotty and it's uncertain which guitar is actually the first one, but these two were built within the first few months of Taylor Guitars production.

Prior to 1992 we have information that, while missing some years, may be helpful to you in determining the age of your gun.

If your gun was manufactured in or after the year 1992 then the first 3 or 4 digits of the serial number will allow you to determine when your gun was manufactured.

its attached to a 2002 squier strat affinity crafted in . Fenderphil, I assume you were replying to David the guest, with an E9 serial.

have a strat body sheerwood green with serial numbers 220623 and its numberede 3 under the pickguard is a signature.

For anyone looking to date a Peavey, there is a forum at and Peavey has one employee there that will get you a date for any Peavey serial number, sfaik. Crash Pad Pad Band Gear List/Pics: a review: This is a great resource. I have been trying to find out the manufacture date of my Les Paul since the day I got it a few months ago.