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Help my sister is dating a loser

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"If she feels it from you, too, she's less likely to hear what you have to say." (Not sure if it's abuse?

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D., associate professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice."You can tell her, What he's doing is illegal.This is not my rule; this is the law.'"__If she's ready to get out:__Call a hotline (like 800-799-SAFE) and tell a trained advocate that you have a friend who's being abused. " Offer to keep things she'll need when she leaves: money, keys, phone numbers, clothes.One of the problems when patients are discharged from such inpatient facilities is that the patient and their family are on their own recognizance regarding following through.Such inpatient facilities or for that matter appointments in doctors' and therapists' office provide stabilization of patients, but not treatment.And given that your industry spreads blatant discriminatory propaganda, that are eugenics-based, such as EXTRAVERSION is superior -- pumping out blogs, so-called "research", scientific papers, administering personality tests -- all of this has a worldwide effect (DSM), from education studies/institutions to workplaces and top Linked In "Influencers" (who are mostly Extrovert managers)..advocating for and embracing the Extrovert person over the Introvert.

The DSM is Western propaganda, under the guise of "mental health"; and given that Western nations are known for their "Extroversion" while other nations are considered "Introverted" -- people are being manipulated to believe that Extroversion is superior.

For example, does she feel differently now than before the relationship?

What not to say: "Don't you see how he's brainwashed you?

Trying to force her to break up with him for good means you're taking control—and that's what her boyfriend is doing.

And know that it can take seven to nine tries before a woman leaves an abusive partner for good, says Diane Lass, Ph. What not to say: "If you go back to him one more time, I'm done!

Or, if there's one in your area, take her to a Family Justice Center for counseling, legal and other help. And if she waffles and doesn't dump him, don't give up.