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A fast paced humorous and heartfelt story about two people who start out as enemies only to become friends and eventually lovers.Higgins goes one step further by giving us our protagonist’s back story through little memory snippets. ” There are actually three story lines about love in here that intertwine; romance, friendship, and family.

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The Best Man is a romantic contemporary that digs deep into your heart and funny bone and doesn’t let go.The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron #1) Romance Contemporary Paperback February 26, 2013 Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “That. Older and wiser, Faith has decided it’s time to return home to her family and lay to rest some ghosts from the past. Suchapainintheass.“ Faith Holland left her hometown when her soon to be husband came out of the closet…on their wedding day.Of course, she finds all this out from her sweetheart’s best friend, Levi Cooper.Levi and Faith have always had an uneasy relationship since grade school.In the final scene, Ricky apologetically returns home with flowers and a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates for Lucy.

I suppose the memory of Lucy fainting at the sight of a five pound box of chocolates after coming home from Kramer’s Kandy Kitchen in “Job Switching” (S2; E1) was long forgotten! ) to announce that Dorothy 'Spider’ and Sam 'Fly’ have decided to tie the knot after all!

Fred and Ethel show up and agree to pretend to be lovebirds, an act that is quickly dropped as soon as Sam and Dorothy leave.

Milton Frome (Sam Carter) returned to work with Lucy in a 1965 episode of “The Lucy Show” starring Milton Berle as well as a 1972 episode of “Here’s Lucy” starring Donny Osmond, in which he played Henry the Waiter - not to be confused with the nearsighted character of the same name played by Frank Nelson in “Lucy Changes Her Mind” (S2; E21).

When she runs into Levi Cooper, local police chief and the evil villain behind her wedding disaster, Faith finds herself re evaluating her animosity towards him.

After all, a nice ass in a well fitted pair of jeans can help you overcome a lot of animosity.

Faith is hilarious with her calm manner and snarky dialogue. Both of them have issues that need resolving that impede their ability to forgive and more on.