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Jean first arrived at the house with the red door in 2011, on a chilly morning in late autumn.She had traveled there on a Dallas city bus, holding a piece of paper with a stranger's address on it.

A judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison; Jean and her infant daughter, meanwhile, were cast into the Texas foster care system.But when the girl’s john leaned in for a kiss, her body went limp, her eyes locked in an empty stare.Confused, then panicked, the man grabbed his clothes and rushed out the sliding back door to his car parked in the alley.After her father raped her, Jean became one of the roughly 12,000 Texas kids in long-term foster care, a system that often leaves children more damaged than when they arrive. DALLAS — At 16, Jean was the more experienced sex worker in the Southeast Dallas house.It was her job to ensure the new girl's trial run as a prostitute went smoothly.Jean yelled for someone to come help, knowing their pimp would be furious: No trick, no money.

Then she slipped out the house's red front door to calm her nerves with a cigarette.

In fifth grade, Jean's father claimed he would begin home-schooling her. Periodically, in an attempt to dodge child welfare investigators, Jean's father packed up and moved, dragging her from Oklahoma to Arkansas to Texas.

Instead, he took her into a bedroom and blindfolded her, telling her she was going to have sex with a boy she liked. By the time they landed in Paris, Texas, in 2009, the 13-year-old was pregnant with his child.

Officials at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, which reviews child abuse allegations and finds homes for foster kids, say they need an additional $1 billion just to make basic reforms over the next two years, such as alleviating large caseloads for employees and addressing a severe shortage of high-quality foster homes.

That's on top of the $110 million budget shortfall the agency currently faces.

Jean had recognized the dead look in the new girl's eyes.