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The case provoked a storm of discussion on the Chinese Internet on the legality and morality of hookup culture among young Chinese people. From celebrity Wu Yifan’s romps with fans to the elite student at Wuhan University, casual sex (yuepao) has become increasingly mobile, and part of a mushrooming urban leisure culture and consumption.It is reshaping Chinese attitudes toward dating, sex, love and relationships, and challenges the division between deviance and respectability.

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These measures subsequently led to a ban of any gay relationships, affairs, one-night stands, underage love, sexual assault, abuse or violence from being shown on TV as part of a government campaign for stricter socialist morality.People born after 1980 (the first ‘single-child’ generation) and 1990 (China’s “Millenials”) are willing to explore means of satisfying their romantic and sexual needs.This includes an extensive use of online social media platforms.Ask any urban dweller under 40 years old in China about yuepao and paoyou (炮友 “fuck buddy”) and they will tell you that they know about it, or have been there, done that.The rise of hookup culture is linked to the prevalence of social networking sites, apps, and public accounts on Chinese Internet and smart phones. “Every technological innovation creates deviant as well as respectable possibilities.” So opens an essay written by Charles Edgley and Kenneth Kiser in 1982.

The invention of instant photography represented by the Polaroid Camera facilitated homemade pornography, known in its day as “Polaroid sex.” Polaroid sex allowed young women, who were identified as “bad girls”, to pose for “naughty” pictures and engage in more egalitarian sexual pursuits.

Casual sexual relationships, including one-night stands, “friends with benefits”, “booty calls” and “fuck buddies” are now “mainstream” behaviours among students on Chinese university campuses.

As such, yuepao (约炮)— a neologism meaning “meeting for sex” — has become entrenched in contemporary sex culture in China.

However, even if the term yuepao is censored, mobile sex cannot be stopped.

But whenever I tried to get close, she’d always pull back.

On these social media websites, people freely discuss and share their yuepao experiences, which encompass heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual hookup experiences.