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Khalifa also has an Amazon wishlist that allows her fans to buy her gifts.

Her witty comebacks have even earned her some new followers and fans.According to online rumors, Khalifa married her boyfriend when she turned 18 years old.It is not clear if Khalifa is still married or if she is divorced because of her past work in the adult industry.Khalifa hardly talks about her personal life on her social media accounts.Despite having left the adult entertainment industry over a year ago, according to , Khalifa continues to be the second-most popular actress on Pornhub.In a new video for , Khalifa said that having huge breasts is a huge bummer during the hot summer months because of the uncomfortable clothes and sweat underneath her breasts.

Check out Khalifa’s explanation in the video below.

Mia Khalifa is a 23-year-old native of Beirut, Lebanon. since she was a teenager, her career in adult entertainment has received criticism in the Middle East ever since she entered the industry in 2014.

The adult film star and model received backlash and death threats when she appeared in an adult video that featured her performing various sex acts while wearing a burqa. But Khalifa claims that she is not a Muslim, contrary to the rumors. Though she comes from a Christian Lebanese family, she does not practice the faith due to obvious reasons.

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Mia Khalifa became an overnight internet sensation when she appeared in an adult movie in October 2014.

Now, she’s leaving that world as she reinvents herself.