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Das Projekt handelt aber auch von Lebensentwürfe von jungen Menschen, die sich nichts mehr sehnen als ein erfülltes Leben mit Arbeit und Familie.

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“(B.) Charlotte, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.New York und ihr Liberalismus erlauben diesen Menschen mit unterschiedlicher Herkunft und Kultur so zu leben wie sie immer lebten, Ideen von anderen Gruppierungen sammeln oder Neue entwickeln. Innerhalb des Projektes sprach ich Leute im öffentlichen Raum in unterschiedlichen Gegenden New Yorks an.Ergebnis ist ein Schmelztiegel von Subkulturen mit verschiedenen Glaubensrichtungen und Traditionen was zu einer Vielzahl von Lebensmöglichkeiten führt. Im ersten Teil bat ich diese, sie in ihrem privaten Raum besuchen zu dürfen und mit ihnen über ihr Leben zu sprechen.(Photograph: evi Lemberger) Ma Yanan, 74th street, Subway Station, Queens, New York.Ma Yanan, 22 is going with her mum shoppping in May 23rd 2011. She is living with her family and taking English classes.Also being able tub e stringer and dedicated to loge more as necessarily more than I have ever before.

“(Armando) „My perfect day in 10 years „In ten years my perfect day would be waking up, making tea, eating a huge apple, then making my journal sketchpad and video camera (when I get mine) in a nearby town or city and people watch.

I want to be a superstar in America even whole world everybody talking about me and love me. I can spend the money for the people who needs that like children and I gonna get married in ten years but after ten years I don’t want to work anymore I gonna have the time baby and stay with my family.“ (Hong Ying, Li) „ The Perfect day for me would be with all my family members gather at my house. Seeing my son and my baby girl enjoying their cousins, aunts and uncles. “(no name) „In ten years I hope I will be living at my family farm in North Carolina with my yet to meet husband and we would spend the day relaying in the sunshine, surrounded by friends- barbequing and drinking wine band dressed in the most glamorous vintage clothes.“ (Laura) „Hot summer day, living in a penthouse with a pool, pool table, strip pole in my living room, tiny Jacuzzi, with a beautiful view. Maybe somewhere out in Long Island far away from all the noise of New York City“.

8 kids, 3 dogs, 2 talking birds, working as an accountancy, daytime and bartend night-time. (Ernesto) „in 10 years I see and would love to be stable, employed, financially stable and committed to a proper relation.

[…] I would have a light diner and head over to an augh (music) when I could haem along set. I preferred we would all go to one of our homes for tea and dessert.

Maybe I spend the whole night up with in, I would to just as happy and falling asleep.

The wind is in my hair and the sun warms my face.” (Mads girlfriend) „In ten years, at 33, I would be transformed into more of an early bird than I am now.