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Currently, regulation does not bind companies to drop handset charges post-contract and this can result in customers paying more than they need to.” Once you’re free of a fixed-term deal, it isn’t always necessary to upgrade your handset.However, you might decide to sell it to raise some cash towards your next contract. uk, explained: “One way to unlock the best deals is to consider recycling your current handset.

Rumours abound over quite what the latest must have device will offer.People should be thinking about where they will use the phone the most, whether that be at home or work, and check the service availability of all the providers in that area.“Two years is a long time to be stuck with a service if you can’t really use it due to a bad signal!Less for loyalty If you stick with your current deal after the fixed period has ended you could be paying far more than necessary.Peter Earl, head of utilities at, said: “As a rule, customers are quite clued up when it comes to their mobile phone package.Here's everything you need to know about the i Phone X launch event announcements. Almost everything detail of the i Phone X leaked ahead of its official unveiling, but it was still Apple's biggest announcement by far.

It's one of the most attractive devices Apple has created, thanks to its striking edge-to-edge OLED display, but not everyone will be pleased at the lack of a physical home button.

However, what many aren’t aware of is that they are at risk of overpaying once their contract comes to an end, as many will continue to pay a set price which originally included the handset, which at this point will be paid off.

“As many customers continue on their existing deal until they choose to upgrade their phone, and providers do not clearly communicate the expiry date to customers, this can often result in customers unnecessarily overpaying.

For example, Top uk is currently offering up to £75 cashback on contracts with Carphone Warehouse and up to £90 with O2, which can really help with keeping costs down.” Cheapest isn’t necessarily best Finally, it’s not a good idea to simply seek out the cheapest deal if it does not actually meet your needs.

Earl said: “The cheapest mobile phone tariffs are not necessarily the best, as people may find that they have limited usage and as a result costs go through the roof if they go over.

If you take on a contract that provides too much you risk over-paying.