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Ideas for dating anniverseries

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Photo Credit: Love & Light Photographs If you two have been having an extra busy year, make this date a special time where you both can choose an activity that will give you some much needed relaxation time, while spending the day together.Book a couples’ massage, take each other shopping, or order delivery food while you pop in your favorite movie.

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Reliving these moments will make you feel strongly connected to your partner and appreciative of the journey you two have made together.The two of you will make unique memories this year that you will never forget, and even if the outing isn’t exactly what you expect it to be, (which dance classes are?) you will have a great story to tell and laugh about later.Photo Credit: Kevin Lubera If you two are caught up in the monotony of dinner dates at the same restaurant, get creative in the kitchen together!Find a recipe that you both will enjoy, throw on your aprons, and get ready to cook up a storm.By getting out of your normal routines and spending some quality time with each other, you will be able to rekindle some romance while having fun exploring a new place.

Escaping your everyday stressors of life will allow you to enjoy some relaxation time and focus on each other.

Plan a bike ride, outdoor hiking activity, or camping trip if you’re crunched for time.

Photo Credit: Dmitri and Sandra Whether it’s buying tickets to a local play production, going bowling, playing mini golf surrounded by preteens, or signing up for a dancing class, trying something new can bring a wonderful spark to your anniversary celebration.

You can even recreate the dishes from your wedding menu or your first date!

The act of making something together will make you feel connected and rewarded once all your hard work is complete.

Whatever your definition of treating yourself is, plan this time to unwind together.