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Intelligence dating cops

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“How can the data be shared outside of the police department?” Retention of body-worn camera video creates a substantial database that can be used as a powerful instrument of surveillance.

Any disclosed recording shall be redacted to remove identification of any person that appears on the recording and is not involved in the encounter.Recordings that are criminal intelligence, records of a criminal investigation, evidence, or associated with a personnel investigation may not be viewed.Defendants in pending criminal cases may view videos.Yes, under existing public records law: “Public Information Act requests for videos will be handled in accordance with Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code and departmental procedures.” Texas law says recording of an incident that “involves deadly force or is otherwise the subject of an investigation” may not be released until the investigation is complete.Records policies do not mention videos specifically, but generally say release of a police record is at the discretion of records management as long as certain information is redacted, including identifying information of juvenile victims and witnesses.Laws in each state address the release of public records and large departments usually have existing policies and offices to deal with public records requests.

BWC video, however, presents unique challenges and privacy threats.

Storage space for video is very expensive, however, and privacy and security concerns crop up with a large database of videos.

The length of time potential evidence in a court case must be preserved is governed by state law.

Requests from the public shall be granted or denied based upon the Maryland Public Information Act, which says to release records as long as release does not interfere with a law enforcement proceeding or constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

Process for law enforcement agencies to request access is not specified.

In general, Police Commissioner must authorize access in writing.