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Iol dating mobile

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Now the apps hope to keep them as they trickle out paid upgrades that promise to drive not just matches but relationships.Tinder has said its own efforts to monetise have so far been simple, and successful.

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Tinder launched a paid monthly subscription - $4.58 to $9.99 a month, based on the length of subscription - and in-app purchases in spring 2015.One dating-app feature that got considerable praise from millennials interviewed was Tinder's “Super Like”, which lets users tell potential matches that they particularly like them.The app offers users one free Super Like every 12 hours, then upgrades them to five a day when they pay for the app.She also uses the services of a matchmaker, which come at a much higher price that she declined to specify.“I'm not opposed to the idea of paying for dating services, but it has to offer something of value,” she explained.But there's a tipping point for what they're willing to shell out: no more than $15 a month, according to an informal survey of about a dozen millennials.

And when they pony up for monthly subscriptions, they want features unlike those offered in the apps' free versions.

“If it goes over $10, then they're trying to scam you, or it's just not worth it. (Seventy percent of its users say they're looking for something serious.) After a three-month trial period for existing users, Hinge will be available only to paying users.

“Our testing showed us that $7 is around the right range that both indicated 'I'm serious, and I'm looking for something serious' but not 'I'm going to pay $50 on e Harmony’,” explained Karen Fein, Hinge's vice-president of marketing.

Bumble was free until August, when it launched a monthly subscription service - $6 to $9.99 a month.

The most recent convert is Hinge, which had been free since 2013 but this month began charging $7 a month for its paid service.

Scruff, a dating app for gay men, has already managed to do so.