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Luckily, she becomes lucid once more in time and lands on the platform, telling Steven that the Galaxy Warp is where she was abandoned.Raising the tides and summoning water that overflows over the warp pads, she uses her powers to transform the Homeworld Warp into a mirror, as she tells Steven about her past.

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— A missing Lafayette teenager was found safe Tuesday afternoon by police officers. Monday when she willingly ran away from her parents, Lt. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate her, Galloway said. Tuesday, Lafayette Police Department asked the public's help in locating the 14-year-old girl. Tuesday, Perez had been safely located by police, Galloway said.Peridot explains that the Barn is also her new home, but Lapis is not having it because she thinks that the Barn is her new home, not Peridot's.The two turn back to a distressed Steven, who is not quite sure what to do.Lapis accepts, and, with Steven holding tight to her back, glides from the silo's top into the open sky, as the barn gets smaller behind them.They approach the fields in the countryside, and Steven introduces Lapis to the concept of trees, farming, and seasons, telling her that she could live a farmer's life and live among nature.A: Gem Glow • Laser Light Cannon • Cheeseburger Backpack • Together Breakfast • Frybo • Cat Fingers • Bubble Buddies • Serious Steven • Tiger Millionaire • Steven's Lion • Arcade Mania • Giant Woman • So Many Birthdays • Lars and the Cool Kids • Onion Trade • Steven the Sword Fighter • Lion 2: The Movie • Beach Party • Rose's Room • Coach Steven • Joking Victim • Steven and the Stevens • Monster Buddies • An Indirect Kiss • Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem B: House Guest • Space Race • Secret Team • Island Adventure • Keep Beach City Weird • Fusion Cuisine • Garnet's Universe • Watermelon Steven • Lion 3: Straight to Video • Warp Tour • Alone Together • The Test • Future Vision • On the Run • Horror Club • Winter Forecast • Maximum Capacity • Marble Madness • Rose's Scabbard • Open Book • Shirt Club • Story for Steven • The Message • Political Power • The Return/Jail Break Full Disclosure • Joy Ride • Say Uncle • Love Letters • Reformed • Sworn to the Sword • Rising Tides, Crashing Skies • Keeping It Together • We Need to Talk • Chille Tid • Cry for Help • Keystone Motel • Onion Friend • Historical Friction • Friend Ship • Nightmare Hospital • Sadie's Song • Catch and Release • When It Rains • Back to the Barn • Too Far • The Answer • Steven's Birthday • It Could've Been Great/Message Received • Log Date 7 15 2 Super Watermelon Island/Gem Drill • Same Old World • Barn Mates • Hit the Diamond • Steven Floats • Drop Beat Dad • Mr.

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Once they are back at the barn, Lapis accepts Steven's request and decides that she would be willing to give Earth another opportunity.

However, the two are interrupted by a nosy Peridot, who comes in to check on the two, much to Lapis' shock.

The next day, Steven is questioning Peridot on her decision to stay in the barn while the rest of the Crystal Gems move back to the Temple.

However, as Peridot insists that she prefer the place, he leaves and approaches Greg, who has finished packing everything into the van, including the Gems, who are ready to go.

However, Lapis was unable to answer back, for she knew nothing.