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Erik Palladino is quite good as Tepper, the man with a conscience. Ryan Reynolds and Dash Mihok round up the quartet of friends that meet for a card game.James Earl Jones is at times mysterious and a figure of pity because we all know what he must be going through, but then again, he had been playing with the quartet of friends and with the viewer.

Just before his friends and Avery arrive at his apartment, Tepper also finds in the wallet a Big 3 Lotto ticket, a $6 million ...I thought Ozzy [Lusth] thought I had an idol because, at tribal council, he was the first one to talk about an idol. Cirie is a stronger strategic player than Andrea, but you can take her out at any time because her odds of winning immunity are a lot smaller. It’s really hard when you’re robbed of releasing something that’s core to your identity into society. But I think that Jeff has been punished more than he deserves. Us: When you first merged, Zeke sat everyone down and explained that Jeff Varner had outed him as transgender at tribal council. You have to understand that you’re a little bit crazy when you’re on Survivor. But I don’t really like how everyone else has handled it. Everything seems to be going great until he discovers there's more to this business and his boss...See full summary » When his father dies, Jeffrey (Ryan Reynolds) is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte (Glenne Headly) in Canada.Tepper made a mistake at the beginning of the film when he notifies about his finding.

He lives to regret it, but ultimately, his own sense of decency when all goes haywire around him, takes hold of him and he does the right thing, or does he? The action seems, at times, like a filmed stage play, but the performances by all save the film from being boring or losing the audience's interest.

Us: In your final confessional, you said it was dumb to vote you out right now. HF: Everyone was always talking about drawing this line in the sand, but no one was willing to make the move to do that. Cirie has this air about her that when you’re in her hands you feel secure. She gives off this air that she’s a gangster and can take care of you. If you can make people feel secure, then you have a lot of power.

If it really was the two factions — Zeke [Smith], Andrea [Boehlke], Sarah [Lacina] and then Brad [Culpepper] and Sierra’s crew — why not make a move now, when you can really get those numbers and have control over the game? Us: At tribal, you admitted you didn’t have an idol. HF: I was stunned to find out they genuinely thought I had an idol and I was offended that that might be the reason I go home, because it was so false. I was trying to do everything I could to dispel that incredibly false belief. HF: I have a big regret about the move that I didn’t make. Us: Is she the biggest threat in the game right now?

There’s no excuse for what Jeff did, but I think it’s time for him to have some grace. Us: Have you spoken to Varner since the game ended? He’s just really gracious and thankful for any support.

He’s been beating himself up for months and months. I just know how much he’s waiting for this to turn into something good.

Saw it on cable, and since this is an indie film, one has to take one's hat to the director for having made the movie.