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I mean, it’s a lot more than it was three years ago, but it matters where I’m at.In public group settings, obviously, it just takes one person to recognize you and take a picture, and then more people will start taking pictures. When I’m in Denver I never really even think about it.

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Right now is kind of an exciting season of life for me, where I am single again and I’ve had some great things pop up in front of me, and I’m able to pursue them without hurting anybody else in the process. A: Generous Coffee, my i Heart Radio podcast and my blog, Mahogany Workplace.A: That wasn’t really even in consideration when I came to north Denver — “What does this look like as a long-term investment?” I mostly bought it because rent was so high at Belmar in Lakewood that I couldn’t afford to pay it. A: I have become good friends with Juan Pedro, who’s owner of Sloan’s Lake Tap & Burger. And my favorite restaurant is either Acorn or Señor Bear. My favorite breakfast spot far and away has to be Bacon Social House.How do America’s most recognizable TV faces follow up their time in the limelight?The answer varies from person to person, of course.So I have those three things keeping me busy, and I’m still working a full-time job up in Genesee with a company called Talisys.

I do all of our outside sales and I’ve been with them since before (“The Bachelor”).

The idea was to build a for-profit company that will kind of buck the system by doing social good.

It doesn’t just have to be nonprofits that can change the world.

It’s the other cities I go to, usually for an event of some kind. I might just spend a little bit more time smiling and taking pictures than before.

Q: At least one of my co-workers would punch me if I didn’t ask this: Are you dating anyone? I’ve gone on dates and I’ve seen some people more than once, but I don’t know if you’d call that dating. I know this is a common excuse and I know everybody uses it, but it’s not really fair to anybody right now for me to date them because of the schedule I’ve got.

I’d like people to say, “Oh yeah, he’s got a sense of humor! Q: You were coached by the Denver stand-up troupe Pussy Bros. A: They were incredible to me — incredibly talented, incredibly kind.