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did well in the ratings, coming in second to only its parent/lead-in during its first year. Yup, the character on which the spin-off was based split after the freshman season (with the exception of a cameo in season three).But the tone and overall energy of the show was criticized widely for being boring and bland. At the beginning of the second season we find out that Denise dropped out of Hillman to travel throughout Africa.

Meg Ryan was originally cast in the role but she dropped out to pursue a film career.She said that she had so much fun on the show and that she is still friends with her Hillman pals – particularly Lisa Bonet, who is the godmother to Tomei's children.When Denise left Hillman, the show needed a new protagonist as its primary focal point.Whitley's outlandish princess charisma teetered on insufferable, but was eventually scaled back enough to make us laugh and love her.She also wrote and directed a handful of episodes, and even dabbled in music with her first single, "Try Me," making its debut on in the season four episode "Good Help is Hard to Fire." classic themes -- and Dawnn Lewis, who also played the most responsible character on the show, Jaleesa.was the guest appearance destination for black entertainers.

Cosby's clout helped the show add serious star wattage throughout its six-season run, including Josephine Mary Premice, Lena Horne, Whoopi Goldberg, Jesse Jackson, Blair Underwood, Marcia Wallace, Robert Guillaume, Roseanne, Tom Arnold, Gilbert Gottfried and Billy Dee Williams.

Enter the opinionated, loud-mouthed southern belle with a heart of gold Whitley Gilbert, played by Jasmine Guy, who also had a small role on Allen's Fame.

Bolstered by a long will-they-or-won't-they romantic arc with Dwayne, Whitley went from annoying pest to fan favorite and, frankly, she gave us much better TV than Denise.

The show hit a couple of speed bumps in the beginning of its six-season run, but it eventually became a fresh balance of comedy and drama that spoke true to the experiences of young black adults in the early-'90s. The writing staff was fired and producer Anne Beatts (Remember Square Pegs?

More than two decades after its retirement, we watched every single episode (again) and discovered 17 groundbreaking moments, life lessons, and way ahead-of-its-time issues that prove the show's still got staying power today. ) was brought in to replace the first episodes with new material. Despite being one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, Bonet stayed on the show for only one season.

Turns out some of these were shot before the finale but never aired.