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Korean relationships dating

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In many ways, I personally like this style in that people are clear about what they are looking for.

The way of approaching marriage and finding a partner is very different from in the West.They always carry the woman’s purse and are making physical contact with them in some way at all times. I will admit that when I see those types of couples when I’m back home in America, I roll my eyes. Although it’s difficult at times, I don’t like to judge other people based on what I may consider tacky, so I have attempted to reason with myself as to why this may be the case in Korea: Like I mentioned earlier, these are just my thoughts that stem from a few observations that I have been noting in my head since the moment we arrived here.Our teacher also told us that Korean women whine a lot, and that their boyfriends think it’s cute… I find these social points to be fascinating and I also love people watching and I am quite good at it, if I may say so, which makes me a great researcher for this type of subject.The magic age of thirty is still sub-consciously considered by many parents to be the age when their child should be married.This is changing a little these days, but age thirty is still the unofficially benchmark.Marriage is a very serious matter in Korean history and in modern day Korea.

Many female students I have taught, who are in their late twenties, have had no boyfriend and they are under-pressure from their family to get married.

Another interesting difference from the West is the emphasis in Korea on the importance of blood type.

A person’s blood type is considered important to some young people and asking what blood type a perspective partner is, can be important, although not critically important.

On further questioning, it became clear, with the exception of one of the girls, that they had no boyfriends, yet they were still planning to get married.

The unwritten rules of marriage in Korea are also very different from the West.

Women here don’t strive to achieve tanned, toned and athletic bodies that women in the U. As a result, I feel that if I were ever caught in a cat fight here in Korea, I could snap any of the women in half over my knee. When you see couples in public here, you will always find that the man has his arms around the woman, is carrying her purse, their shopping bags, and all the while she is wearing stiletto heels (I could write an entire post on Koreans wearing stilettos at all times of day, while sightseeing, and while wearing sweat pants, but I will save that for another day). (Jason and I actually play a game based on this phenomenon (thanks Britt!