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For example, the state of Colorado legalized the drug in 2015. As this front lifts out, it could either leave behind a piece of energy in the western Caribbean or lift a piece of energy northward from the eastern Pacific into the western Caribbean during the week of May 8th.

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Suspicion was first raised on Wednesday when a friend of Matus went to her house in Corozal to drive her to the airport for a flight back to Canada.The first relates to the changes that will take place this October in Eu- ropes sugar regime.Then, as a long- planned measure, the EU will abolish national beet sugar production quotas in Europe, reducing prices and causing the overall volume of sugar imported to fall as Europe becomes self-sufficient.The NCCO partnered with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (5Cs), the United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) and the Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (J-CCCP) in hosting the workshop at the Ramada Princess hotel in Belize City on Wednesday and Thursday, April 26-27. Sargasso has once again invaded the shores of Ambergris Caye, and island residents are concerned about the health hazards that come with it. San Ignacio Medrete Town Hall B-Roll Residents of San Ignacio, Santa Elena & surrounding communities, take note of the dates (MAY 8-16th) for the upcoming free medical clinic at the Macal River Park in San Ignacio.Not only is the accumulation of seaweed unattractive, but it also produces an unpleasant smell, often compared to that of rotten eggs. 1931 hurricane victims were sheltered at Liberty Hall. Beyond the Horizon: 2017-Belize will be offering a range of medical services including Dental, Vision, General/Family Medicine, Women's Health and more.Right now, only the GFS model and its ensemble members are forecasting tropical development in the western Caribbean.

You should take the GFS model with a grain of salt as it has a bias towards forecasting erroneous tropical cyclones in the western Caribbean and we could very well be seeing the same thing here.

Attempts to push the matter for consideration have been fruitless, but interested stakeholders are quite optimistic that the decriminalization of marijuana will eventually happen. For the University without walls I wont think twice. Bradley was shot several times as he was making his way home to his family in Lords Bank.

Former Opposition Senator Lisa Shoman recently gave her opinion on the topic. It could be a powerful boost for tourism, and it is a viable cash crop for the Jewel, she said. Hot and hazy conditions to prevail Mostly hot and hazy weather is expected today with cloudy skies tonight.

Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials Sensitizing CARICOM to Climate Change The small island states of the Eastern Caribbean are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and to heighten public awareness within the region to this threat, media professionals from throughout the Englishspeaking Caribbean gathered in Belize City for a training workshop on this issue.

Belizes National Climate Change Office (NCCO) hosted the workshop as a follow-up to a public survey of Climate Change knowledge, attitudes and practices. British soldier gave out rations at Her Majestys prison case the tow was destroyed.

They are optimistic that more income can be generated than is currently brought in by the islands tourism product. Man charged for killing teen A man has been charged with the murder of a Lords Bank minor on Wednesday night.