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Kuroki meisa akanishi jin dating

I wanted this Johnnys Talk to be about Johnnys and Marriage because of Jin’s recent marriage and to shine light on a side of the situation that many foreign fans, like me, would not understand.I will not be talking about Jin’s marriage specifically, but talking about how the marriages of Johnnys (and East-Asian idols) are different than the marriages American/ western celebrities and how I know Johnnys to get married.

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Along with management by an agency comes strict regulations, which include rules about dating and marriage.In the case of Johnnys, they are supposed to be good looking, clean cut men that seem obtainable to all women. How can a Johnnys seem obtainable to all women when he is dating someone or is married?This is my business student side coming out, but what if this image is tarnished by dating someone or getting married? If an idols isn’t marketable anymore, that makes it harder for the agency to get jobs for the idol, which means they are keeping someone on that will not make them money.In addition to his current activities, Akanishi will also be holding a national tour in November; his first since resigning from Johnny’s.The tour will begin on November 11th at Zepp Sapporo in Hokkaido and head to Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.On September 17th, singer, Jin Akanishi (30) was admitted to the hospital.

Akanishi started to develop stomach pains on the 15th and finally went to the emergency department to get examined and subsequently admitted.

If you break these regulations, you can be kicked out of the group or “asked to resign”.

Johnnys isn’t too strict about dating in terms of getting kicked out of the agency, but they are asked to keep the dating very private and out of the public eye.

I believe that’s why he wanted to come to the hospital early and just be examined and take care of it.

UPDATED 2-17-2017 Most people in the Johnnys fandom have heard about Jin Akanishi’s recent marriage to Kuroki Meisa at the beginning of February and it has been a pretty hot topic since. This would seem like just everyday gossip that you would see in the tabloids about celebrities in America, but in the world of Johnnys, and East-Asian idols, it is a big deal.

” Its true, but in reality if they want to keep their job, they have to abide by these rules.