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Facebook Messenger has one such "feature" tucked away in its emoticon menu: stickers.

Mairi Hedderwick books Katie Morag and talk about the goings on, on the fictional Scottish Island of Struay.Facebook has been making numerous changes to its Android apps as of late, thanks to the arrival of Facebook Home.Sometimes, new features also bring "hidden" options – things that may not be quite ready for prime time but can be accessed within the app.Granny Island will welcome you to her home, describing the island of Struay and what it is like living on a small island.She will tell the children one or two stories about Katie or the other people who live alongside her on the island.Screen Retriever, is a monitoring program that allows parents to record and remotely view their children’s computer screen in real time.

The program lets you “check-in” on your children from time to time without being too intrusive.

I'm not entirely sure why this is a thing that anyone wants, but it's there, and you can use these oversized emoticons now. Update: Some users are having a hard time finding the invisible area that needs to be tapped.

Here's a shot with the area highlighted: And that's pretty much it.

Draw these features on a hand drawn map (can be individual A4 or a larger class map)- this can be scanned and emailed to Grannie prior to the session for inclusion and discussion.

You may also want to do other work perhaps some descriptive literature or drawings/paintings.

All work sent will be added to Grannies online gallery.