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Classes were dismissed one day, allowing students and faculty to attend celebration activities.These five major events set the pace for campus activities throughout the year.

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'".'' 3$£Sw 1 Wmm M IT \ ., i ■'■" -.' ■- / : m -^j(fi ■ ? But there is a lot more motion in us and around us and we have, therefore, a better excuse for being puzzled and bewildered.» ■■■■"' * *•' ml* 1 I ■ | 1 Ml ' m ^UL VICKI AUER, Homecoming Queen AMY STODDARD, Dolphin Queen CATHIE JOHNSON, St.Pat's Ball Queen i PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOE GOEKE 69 I Pin and Paddle Queen Pin and Paddle Queen for 1967 is GWYNNE HOOKANSON, a sophomore from Glenview.To those viewing the demonstrations, the most prominent features were the protestors themselves, complete with sandals, beards, long hair and signs.These characteristics, a protest in themselves, symbolized the views of those participating.28 the Same throughout the Past 100 Years at Illinois Years pass, enrollment grows and building change as do hous- ing and transportation facilities at the U of I.

The University will continue to develop and retain traditions long after her Centennial year.

This included a reunion of alumni lllini Achievement Award recipients.

The fifth and final event of the year was a week-long celebration in March of 1968.

Walter Lippmann 17 \o Beauties Photography by Heller's Studio Barbara Handlon 18 Final Judging by Frank Gallo Linda Hoffee 19 \o Beauties Janet Peters 20 Janet Tande 21 \o Beauties Katherine True 22 Sharon Ventress 23 , *** '• ly WKr ".«» HH • Cover a Changes Come Graduation remains a goal of all students (rom the beginning of the University to the present.

you seek his monument, look about you," is inscribed on the grave of the first University of Illinois president.

67 University Queens NANCY SIMS, Plowboy Prom Queen JOAN SCHNEIDER.