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In addition, you will receive announcements and messages letting you know about significant deadlines, campus events and campus news as well as find information about different campus services available to you. Keep checking the portal to see the new capabilities as we add them.

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Also, what about those of us who don't have a penis to scan?Cam Soda, the webcam platform, is proposing you do just that.They're launching a very intimate new way to keep your account secure.And remember, your X-number is printed on all of your registration correspondence (schedule, invoice, etc.).If you are taking courses full-time, applying for financial aid or transferring in credit, you should have been mailed a welcome letter, which includes a peel-off X-number card you can carry with you.Students with common last names may have a number added to their email address. Back to Top How do I forward my Waubonsee email to another email address?

Your Waubonsee email address can be forwarded to another personal email address.

Back to Top account is accessible through the mywcc web portal at mywcc.

Waubonsee will send all official communication to this email, including important academic and financial information. Your Waubonsee email address is typically your first initial and your last name @student.Example: Joe Waubonsee could be reached at [email protected]

Back to Top What if I don't know or forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it using our online password system.

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