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She also owns holiday homes in the countryside near Sedona, Arizona.

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Americans don't know a lot about the prospective Republican First Lady, apart from the crucial fact that she is a fabulously wealthy heiress to the Hensley beer fortune in Arizona."She told me many times that she wanted to be the perfect wife and mother, and she wanted to be everything that John Mc Cain wanted her to be," Bayless said."And she pretty much was the perfect wife and mother, but, you know, she had to come to the realisation that everything isn't perfect." She was eventually caught stealing drugs from the charity she had established to distribute medicines to developing countries.She was on lookout for an upwardly mobile beau, having just dumped Kerry Mc Cluggage, a boyfriend of three years.The unfortunate Mc Cluggage was clever and handsome, but since he was paying his own way through college, the Hensleys looked down on him.The Hensleys have long been members of the Phoenix elite.

They lived in a rambling low-slung house with a fibreglass Clydesdale horse – Anheuser Busch's trademark – plonked in the front garden.

John was excited about the woman he called "Cindy Lou".

She had just graduated from the University of Southern California, which John Mc Cain says really means the University of Spoilt Children.

But secrets are always being spilled about Cindy Mc Cain. At her father's funeral, when Cindy Mc Cain said in her eulogy that she was "his only child", her disinherited half-sister sitting nearby was dumbfounded.

Then there was the period after she had spinal surgery and became addicted to painkillers, hiding it from her husband for years.

I remember sitting in these metal chairs in a circle in Sunday school and just staring at her, going, 'God, she's gorgeous'".