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After just one week, however, things started to turn quickly for Ashley as she dropped 21 pounds to get down to 353 pounds.

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Before, Johnston had tried popular diets like Weight Watchers and Atkins, as well as trying to go vegan and taking weight loss pills.Things were looking up, and Johnston even found love in the form of fellow contestant Koli Palu.Since then, the couple has gotten married after an extended period of long distance dating.The weight for both of them was quite a wake-up call, as Sherry weighed in at 218 pounds (at 5’1”), while her daughter was tipping the scales at 374 pounds.At 5’5”, that put Ashley at the second highest body mass index (BMI) on the show at 62.2, which is dangerously obese.Johnston would end up coming in second place to Michael Ventrella, who slimmed down from 526 pounds to 262 pounds, but dropping that much weight and seeing her mother get down to just 119 pounds was a huge win for her.

With her weight loss, Johnston set the record for most weight lost by a female contestant on “The Biggest Loser”.

“It’s harder than counting calories or running on a treadmill, but if you fix the inside, I guarantee the outside will follow.” Unfortunately for Johnston, the weight wouldn’t stay off, which has been the case for many “Biggest Loser” contestants.

After six months of being able to maintain her weight, Johnston saw the number on the scale creep back up into the 200’s.

We’ve seen a lot of child-parent combos on the show, including in season nine, which was the third season of the couples competition.

Along with her mother Sherry, Ashley Johnston was 27 years old at the time she started on “The Biggest Loser”.

When it comes to your weight, one of the biggest factors is your immediate family.