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We're not about swooping in and paying things off just for the heck of it - we want to find those families who have the greatest hearts in the world and just need a little push to get back on their feet and continue improving their surroundings.

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As you can imagine, 30% doesn't come close to covering it.Love Drop is more of a "membership" type site where people basically pay what they want.Whether you have $1 or $1,000 to spare, all members get the same access to our community platform and they can come and go as they please. You are correct - this portion of the membership money goes directly to our operating budget.To become a member of Love Drop, you can sign-up here. Editor's Note: We haven't tried out Love Drop yet but we're very interested in learning more about this fascinating new way to give.If you are a Love Drop member please share your experiences with this program in the comments.And that's what this whole project is really about - community. Pierre) both came up with this idea a long time ago before even meeting each other!

People coming together to give back and make a difference in a super easy way. Nate was already leading a team of people giving time in small increments every week and I was blogging all day long about personal finances.

You literally see us presenting these gifts right there at their home. It started as a place for me to ramble on about money and how I was saving (and spending! US and Drop ALove, where he organizes thousands of people to give back a few minutes of their time every week. But as all small business owners know, there's nothing better than being emersed in your own projects and doing everything from top to bottom.

We put it all online, and then we start all over again the next day. ) a lot here and there, but now I like to think of it as a place where we as a community start up conversations based around a certain topic every day. At It Starts With Us he gives out a 15-minute mission to all his teammates asking them to do 1 small thing for their neighbor or friend, or even stranger, and with his Love Bomb crew he and his partner, Lauren Lankford, get hundreds of people to drop a comment of support and encouragement on a blogger who's really going through some tough times in their lives. We've made Love Drop our full-time gigs right now and we are beyond excited to continue watching it grow! You can't necessarily apply to become a Love Drop recipient, but you can nominate someone you think could really benefit from our community's support.

Her story of moving on and giving back to the community throughout everything is truly incredible.

We can't wait to show her all we've raised so far for her family - you can pretty much bet on me crying at the end of it.

Currently, 50% of donations are given to recipients. Will you make your expenses transparent to the public? It had been a constant work in progress for seven months straight, but as soon as we realized we could create our own little hybrid here, Love Drop was up and runnning in no time.