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Since there is no lighting in the Garden except for the dome, all group activities need to be scheduled during daylight hours.

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The Garden was designed by landscape architect Nancy Harris to resemble a century-old Victorian garden, replete with plantings typical of that period.It is dedicated to the following: Promoting the continued development of Historic Indian Village as a prestigious residential district.Conducting litigation for the enforcement of the single-family residence ordinance and building and use restrictions on property within Historic Indian Village.In the 1990s, the Indian Village Men’s Garden Club cleaned up the area, and in 2002 secured a Greening of Detroit grant to plant native trees and bushes in the space.In 2005, Indian Village Collections received a grant from the Trevor Fetter Family Fund to establish a historical marker and beautify the space in memory of the Scranton and Trevor families who occupied a home on the site.Months were spent obtaining approval from the Detroit Historic District Commission and the City Engineering Department, but finally the gazebo was installed the day before the 2007 Indian Village Home and Garden Tour on June 2, 2007.

Since then Indian Village resident, Todd Sanford, has installed LED lights on the dome.

Impressive as it is during the day, at night the dome floats over the Garden lit as if by moonlight.

The Indian Village Greenspace consists of three lots on Iroquois right behind the Indian Village Market, from which two homes were removed in the 1950s and which were deeded to Indian Village Association in the 1970s.

A red granite stone marker has a plaque showing the home and the family who lived there, and is located on a garden space planted with native Michigan plants.

Two Indian Village gas lights illuminate the area at night.

The Historic Indian Village Association is your association.