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Mandating nurse staffing ratios

Fortunately, several such alternatives have been proposed in the literature.

(See Staffing solutions: State by state in pdf format by clicking the download now button.) Thirteen states plus the District of Columbia have either enacted legislation mandating nurse-patient ratios, created regulations requiring written staffing plans, or developed an approach using a combination of the two.According to the nurse, a major issue that contributed to the work stoppage was a desire that the hospitals agree to a minimum RN to patient staffing ratio modeled after legislation passed in the State of California.To educate the CNO’s at the other hospitals on this issue, you prepare a memo: Part 1 (3 pts.) a. The CNO expects a thorough analysis complete with citations and supporting evidence, and wants you to limit your memo to no more than four double-spaced pages in size 10 font or larger.This bill would require hospitals to gather and report information, making them more accountable and allowing consumers to make better choices on their care.Senate Bill 214 and House Bill 1500 would establish safe patient limits, often called “nurse-to-patient ratios.” Modeled on successful legislation in California, this bill lays out safe guidelines on how many patients can be assigned to a single RN in a specific type of unit, based on the level of care required by patients.You are the Chief Nursing Officer in a large medical center located in a city with four other medical centers.

Recently the nurses in all of these hospitals carried out a one day “work stoppage,” but a full strike was averted in last minute negotiations.

The proposed minimum ratios are in the chart below.

Only direct care nurses can be counted in the ratios, and the ratios would cover all shifts.

Click here for text of current Senate bill, currently in the Pennsylvania Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.

“Nurse patient ratios are really important for patient safety,” Ms Hennessy said.

You summarize what you think are the strongest arguments that advocates of legislated minimum ratios can muster in support of their position, including any evidence they might present. You describe what you feel would be the strongest case that can be made in opposition to legislated minimum staffing ratios. Would the issues regarding imposition of mandated nurse staffing ratios in Saudi Arabia be different, or similar, to those you discussed above for hospitals in the U. References are not included in the four page limit.