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Marina diamonds dating

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She would certainly never play the game in order to boost sales – the idea of, for instance, dating another celebrity to drum up exposure horrifies her."I've heard that still happens in the industry," she says mock appalled-but-actually-really-appalled. It is bizarre – you couldn't get me to do that for a million pounds. It is too weird." Because it's in the news, I ask her how she might react if Kanye West interrupted her as she was about to receive an important award.

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As seen on photographer Charlotte Rutherford's Instagram page her own — and maybe even equal to the original?? And we can't wait to see how she continues to develop!Would you put a male artist on the spot in the same fashion? Marina's very sweet and not at all stroppy and yet, right now, there seems a very real possibility that she might properly go off on one. "Because we came out at the same time, the idea that I should compare myself to her? Everyone is on the own road, everyone has their own journey.." It's a little after the fact but it might console Marina to know her spell in Goulding's shadow may be drawing to a close."That is SUCH a silly question," she says, in one of those estuary English accents with all the letters 'r' rounded off. Twenty four hours followings its release her third album, Froot, has rocketed to the top of the Irish i Tunes charts, giving Diamandis the first global number one of her current campaign. Ireland has always been a solid market for her – even her much panned 2012 LP Electra Heart was a straight-out hit here.Aged 20, she fetched up in London, determined to break into the music business.Initially,the music business didn't seem up for a wooing. I was an academic person who had supposedly high hopes of going to uni and studying. Apparently she and Marina coincidentally used the SAME photographer for their shoots!

XCX argues this mini scandal is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

People zero in on the fashion, on stuff like 'well, she's a got a curl and Lana Del Rey has a curl…they must be the same thing'. However, I'm glad the comparison has gone away." As her surname name suggests, Diamandis is of Greek heritage.

She grew up in Wales and attended school in the Old Country for several years.

Considering Charli's photos were directed and chosen by a BRAND, she reasons any similarities are not her fault.

Not to mention the creative scandal represents everything the talented gal is against!

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