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Married bisexual men for dating

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“It’s definitely been worth it.” All three men appearing on the show discovered they were attracted to other males during puberty, but, despite “experimenting” with the same sex in their teens and 20s, concluded they would be more fulfilled if they got married and had a family.“I thought I was destined to have a certain lifestyle that included kids and a wife, and for a long time I feared it wasn’t going to happen,” says Pret.

Choosing to act on these feelings [is wrong within a marriage].Having these feelings, not so much.” In other words, as long as the men don’t actively seek out relationships with other guys and cheat on their wives, Jesus is cool with it.Bed-and-breakfast owner Jeff tells The Post, “The main thing is, there are absolutely no secrets between us.” “Other people might look at us from the outside and say: ‘That’s unusual,’ ” Jeff continues.“I know that he has made the choice that is most true to himself.” Now the couple has two daughters, Lily, 3, and 2-month-old Naomi.Tragically, their middle child, Stella, died shortly after her birth in 2013.But it’s the husbands — not the wives — who start to flirt with him, suggestively joking that he milk a goat by hand to make cheese for their salads.

“Well, he’s a very good-looking guy,” gushes Jeff Bennion, 44, as he and his buddy, Pret Dahlgren, 32, eye the hunky specimen returning to the kitchen.

And these couples appear to share an extraordinary trust and openness.

Every study shows those are the keys to lasting human relationships.” She does warn, however, that it’s only strong women, secure in their own identity, who can deal with the implications of a husband with SSA.

“But to us, it’s not a big deal and just part of the way we live our lives.

“My wife and I love each other and our son very much, and that’s what counts.” Likewise, parents of four Curtis and Tera Brown, both 43, claim Curtis’ SSA, which he finally plucked up the courage to reveal 15 years into their 20-year marriage, has only brought them closer. “Now I think my husband and I have a better sex life than any of our straight friends that we know.” In common with pals like the Bennions and Dahlgrens (fellow members of an SSA support group in their home city of Salt Lake City, Utah), the duo subscribes to the “You can look as long as you don’t touch” approach.

“When Curtis first told me, it was very upsetting and confusing, and I didn’t know who to talk to at the time,” explains Tera, a stay-at-home mother who describes coming to terms with the situation as “a journey.” “But because I love him so much, I never once considered divorce. “I love and trust him completely,” adds Tera, although she knows that Curtis, an attorney, did have relationships with other men before coming clean about his sexuality.