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Married men dating female inmates

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In 1984, the typical Hispanic household had 13% of the wealth of the typical white household.In 2011, the typical Hispanic household had 9% of the wealth of the typical white household.

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The size of the white-black homeownership gap has fluctuated since 1976, when the black rate was 64% of the white rate.Among whites, 10% were poor in 2011, compared with 28% of blacks, 25% of Hispanics and 12% of Asians.Looking at trends, the black-white poverty gap remains wide, although it has narrowed somewhat since the mid-1970s, as white poverty rose slightly and black poverty declined slightly.Figures for Asian wealth are available only since 2004; in 2011, the typical Asian and white households had about equal net worth.In 2012, 73% of white households owned their own homes, compared with 44% of black households, 57% of Asian households and 46% of Hispanic households, according to the Census Bureau’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement.For blacks, it was $39,760; for Asians, $68,521; and Hispanics $40,007.

Black and white incomes have risen since the late 1960s, but both have declined since 2007, the year that marked the beginning of the Great Recession.

The incarceration rate of black men is more than six times higher than that of white men, slightly larger than the gap in 1960.

There are also large and widening gaps between blacks and whites in key aspects of family formation.

In 2011, the typical white household had a net worth of $91,405, compared with $6,446 for black households, $7,843 for Hispanic households and $91,203 for Asian households.

The figures for net worth—also known as wealth—are based on assets minus liabilities in Census Bureau data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation.

The gap narrowed through the mid-1980s, widened through the mid-1990s, narrowed again, and widened after the onset of the Great Recession in 2007.