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Mary zilba dating

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Matt Frewer’s earned a planeload of frequent flyer points.He’s recurring on NBC’s new series TIMELESS in Vancouver and ART OF MORE, opposite Dennis Quaid in Montreal.

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For more bookings and excitement, please visit the Lucas Talent Facebook page!Melanie Mc Laren is off to Ontario to shoot a supporting lead role in the epic feature film INDIAN HORSE.Antonio Cupo was the male lead in BEACHES, Kyle Toy is recurring on THE ARRANGEMENT, Yukari Komatsu is recurring on THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE and Mike Kovac is recurring on TIN STAR in Calgary.Fans can expect a number of crossover episodes on THE FLASH and DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.Also on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is Graeme Mc Comb, recurring as Victor Garber’s younger self.Clients, producers, casting directors and specials guests were arriving in droves.

As the epic floor show commenced in Tabu, the Waldorf was filling to capacity!

That was the night of the 20 Anniversary Pajama Party.

It was the biggest, most ambitious party we had ever planned.

Agnes Tong, John Callander and Marcus Sim are recurring on ROMEO SECTION.

Nick Hunnings just wrapped a five episode arc on ROGUE.

Will Waring is in Toronto directing Sy Fy’s DARK MATTER, then coming back to Vancouver to direct multiple episodes of the Netflix/Showcase series TRAVELERS.