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Maryse dating the miz 2016

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“It’s hard to keep these titles, especially nowadays,” admitted The Miz, who is a five-time IC champion.“Some people have them for one day—ask Zack Ryder—but others have them for longer, and I want to have this title mean something.

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I remember the first time I stepped into a WWE ring, and I got critiqued and I was told I’d be gone in three months.I have a lot of things that a commissioner, like Shane Mc Mahon, looks for in a talent. I don’t ask for days off, I do all the media, and I do everything I possibly can to make the Intercontinental Championship as relevant as possible.” , extending his reign as champion to 112 days.“The Intercontinental championship has such rich history,” explained The Miz.“Whenever I have a segment on television, I try to make it the best segment possible.I’m never the type of person who’s not going to give one-hundred percent out there – I’m always going to give you everything I have.• ​Quiz: Can you identify these WWE stars by their real name?

“There are so many people who helped me out, even the people that gave me a hard time,” said The Miz.

“We’re competitive about everything,” said The Miz.

“The superstars that aren’t high draft picks, I’m sure they’re going to be angry and mad and upset about it.

Unbeknownst to the general public, the WWE has a legitimate underdog story—one not that different from Daniel Bryan’s—in Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

“Daniel Bryan’s underdog story was able to be told on TV,” The Miz said. My story was that I was egotistical, arrogant, and an absolute jerk to everyone who brags about everything—and I will—but I’ve been very fortunate to take everything and learn from it.

“I have all the accolades, all the experience, all the knowledge you could possibly want from a WWE number one draft pick.” • ​​​Quiz: Can you match these WWE stars to their college football team?