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(Eastern Time) time slot, which was reduced to to after Fox cancelled its in-studio pre-game program for the 2009 season.Exceptions were added in 2010 with a to afternoon window being used on Saturdays when Fox was scheduled to broadcast a NASCAR Cup Series race in prime time (which would start at ) and a to window, when Fox is scheduled to broadcast the UEFA Champions League soccer final (which would start at ).

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This was because Fox had suffered the biggest prime time ratings decline among the four major networks during the 1999–2000 television season, with an average prime time audience of 8.97 million viewers, down 17% from the year before according to Nielsen Media Research.NBC Sports president Ken Schanzer stated regarding its decision not to renew its contract, "We have notified Major League Baseball that we have passed on their offer and we wish them well going forward." Under the new deal, Fox would now pay an average of $417 million a year, an approximately 45% increase from the previous deal (which was worth $290 million per year) that Fox, NBC and ESPN contributed together.CBS and ABC reportedly were not interested in buying the rights at the prices being offered by Major League Baseball.Fox's postseason coverage beyond the World Series is limited to one League Championship Series per year (the American League Championship Series in odd numbered years and National League Championship Series in even numbered years), which alternates every year with TBS (which took over exclusive rights to the Division Series from ESPN) airing the other LCS.One of the terms of the deal was that, beginning with the 2007 season, the Saturday "Game of the Week" coverage was extended over the entire season rather than starting after Memorial Day, with most games being aired in the to p.m.When asked about the new deal with Fox, Commissioner Bud Selig said, "We at Major League Baseball could not be happier with the result.

They have been a good partner and an innovative producer of our games." Neal Pilson, who served as the president of CBS Sports when the network had the exclusive television rights for Major League Baseball said of Fox's $2.5 billion deal: It is a lot of baseball.

Under its current contract with the league, Fox Sports will continue to carry Major League Baseball telecasts through at least 2021, with national broadcasts on Fox and cable sports network Fox Sports 1.

On November 7, 1995, Major League Baseball reached a television deal with Fox and NBC, allowing the former to obtain MLB game rights (assuming ABC's end of the contract).

Fox did, however, continue a format that The Baseball Network started by offering a selection of games based purely on a viewer's region.

Fox's approach has usually been to offer three regionalized telecasts.

It will force Fox to delay the start of its entertainment season every fall in order to cover the playoffs and the World Series, but I am sure they have taken that into account.