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Matthew rhys is dating

The mid-10th century Harleian Manuscript genealogy names the ancestors of Rhodri "Mawr/the Great": "Rotri map Mermin map Etthil merch Cinnan".[The Gwentian Chronicle provides a different version of events when it records that "[the] daughter [of Cynan Tindaethwy king of all Wales] who was his heir married a chieftain of the name of Mervyn the Freckled", a later passage adding that "Mervyn the Freckled and Essyllt his wife began to reign over Gwynedd and Powys" in 818.] It is impossible to judge which version is preferable.

Roger of Wendover records that the mother of "rex Britonum Cadwallo Cadwaladrus filius eiusjuvenem" was "soror Pend regis Merciorum" whom Cadwallon married after his alliance with King Penda ap Cadwallon "Fendigard/the Blessed" (-killed in battle 682).It is impossible to judge which version is preferable.Indeed, it is possible that Ethyll was not a historical figure at all but was invented to legitimise the dynastic change in the eyes of successor generations of kings and their supporters.] Gwriad & his wife had one child: 1.The extent of the fabrication of the Gwentian Chronicle is not known: clearly it includes some reliable information as many of the statements coincide with what appears in the Annales Cambri and the Chronicle of the Princes. After analysing the possible origin of the so-called Gwentian Chronicle in several other earlier manuscripts, and discussing the problems in detail, Stephens concludes that "that it abounds in mistakes, conjectures and unauthorised additionsseveral anachronisms" but that "it has many parallelisms with Brut Ieuan Brechva", suggesting that "both the Book of Aberpergwm and the so-called Book of Caradocaredocuments of the sixteenth century".The problems related to the authenticity of the Gwentian Chronicle were discussed by Thomas Stephens in the mid-19th century and more recently G. Extracts from the Gwentian Chronicle are included in square brackets in the present document to highlight the potential difficulty.Numerous extracts from these works have been incorporated, although it has proved difficult to identify all Welsh persons who are named, particularly for the later years.

The Annales Cambri, said to have been compiled originally in 954, represents the oldest register of events in Wales.

If Elisse was the son of Cynan, he must have predeceased his father whose daughter is recorded as his heir (see below).] c) (-after [814/16]).

While the surviving sources are consistent regarding the parentage of Ethyll, they are contradictory regarding the identity of her husband.

As will be seen, without these extracts many parts of the reconstruction of the families of the Welsh princes and kings would be sparse.

Another view concerning the difficulty of accurately reconstructing Welsh royal genealogies is given by Bridgeman in the introduction to his History of the Princes of South Wales.

The version of the 12th century "Brut y Tywysogion" (Chronicle of the Princes of Wales), published with English translation in the Rolls Series in 1860 by John Williams, was incorporated into the Red Book of Hergest, a manuscript compilation of numerous 6th to 15th century literary works written in the Welsh language.