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There are a couple more shortcomings compared with the full desktop version of Skype, which will be of most interest to business and professional users: Video and voice calling are only one-to-one—no group calls, and the apps doesn’t offer screen sharing.So, for example a tech support specialist wouldn’t be able to view the desktop of the other party on the line to see what’s going on and offer tech support based on what he or she sees.

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Of course, Face Time only works on devices manufactured by Apple, so if any of your contacts aren’t in that group, Face Time is of limited use to you.Another problem was likely a service bug (also keep in mind that I’m testing during Hurricane Sandy): I received notifications at the top of my screen of the same chat messages at least three times.On the plus side, you can add contacts for multiparty text chatting.The way around ALL of them is to ensure the payment has gone through and is viable before the session. beg you to let them pay half at first and the rest after? Sends you a screenshot of a receipt for an Amazon giftcard they supposedly just purchased? (-not until you personally redeem the gift code and see the amount in your account.) Yes, the third party sites magically bring you traffic, handle your transactions, assist with promotion.They do this for a very significant cut of your pay.But it is not impossible, and sometimes it’s actually seamless.

There are few options out there for anonymous payment.

So in contrast to the 3 Reasons NOT to Start Camming on Skype, here are 3 tips for successful camming on Skype.

Most third party camgirl sites prohibit you from advertising any services you provide outside of their website.

And Face Time is Clicking on a contact’s tile opens a full page showing a larger version of their profile picture and large buttons for starting video, voice, or text conversation.

Speaking of these side chats, they take up half the screen, which seems like overkill to me, but it may make sense on a small tablet.

A New Skype for a New System Skype is certainly the best Windows 8 video-calling app around—and possibly even the only at this early stage of the operating system’s existence. But just don’t expect to get all the goodies you do with the more mature Skype clients around.