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If she wasn't talented, then Tony unashamedly groomed, if not forced her onto the Game.Many a budding Star had gone on stage with her arse stinging and red-hot, Aware that Tony promoted a good spanking as a psychological aid to an animated performance.

09/06/2012 THE HONEY TRAP In a side street in a discreet bar in the UK, a group of people drank illicitly as the clock reached towards 2 am at an exclusive drinking waterhole/night club Amongst that collection of drinkers was a cluster who sat on an exclusive table, an ill-assorted faction of people, drawn to each other by a common cause Angie.None of the first three were involved personally, in the Club's illicit enterprise's, sensibly passing the risk to others.However, each had a little sideline that was dependent on them manipulating, and abusing those who were unfortunately addicted to various illegal substances The Club was staffed by girls who rented rooms and flats around the area to use for prostitution.Synopsis: American business women flees New York after a get rich scheme goes wrong.arriving in UK looking to staff a brothel with drug addicts , reasoning they would be easier to control. However she is interest in money first they are a C/P group first.They soon found out that if they couldn't "the deep throat" then they were passed over for another hopeful who could.

He soon had a stable of willing young, spunk filled, talent who he exploited discreetly, but unashamedly.

A property landlady, who rented out rooms in the area and above her pub to prostitutes for extra income. While now living in the area, his work took him abroad for business and pleasure.

And Bob who was the local debt collector and enforcer for both Tony and Angie The main difference between the four characters was that three of them (Tony, Angie, and Bob) were deeply involved in Corporal punishment, thoroughly enjoyed controlling and abusing young women, with a strap or cane, or simply enjoyed putting reluctant participants over their knee for a good punishment spanking.

Nevertheless, in reality, the indignity of a grope, or a sharp slap on their rumps was part of their job spec.

This was taken to extremes by the select group who sat on the top table.

His money paid for the flight, the force passport visas and sundry expenses, a service for which he charged $20,000, a loan which the girls were then encouraged to prostitute themselves to repay at very high interest rates. In promoting girls who had talent, he was very aware of the urgent need of girls to be Celebrities and took every advantage of it.