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Meet girls for facetime

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David Strayer administers a demanding cognitive test that was used in a driving simulator to demonstrate the potential distraction effect of using a cell phone while driving.

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“They argue that they cannot shut down a driver’s service without the potential of mistakenly shutting off a passenger’s phone or that of someone riding on a train or bus,” the New York Times said.Nissma says she’s seen the baby pictures with Roaya, and heard stories all her life of her mom’s close friend in Canada who named her sister, but she’d never gotten to meet her because the families moved to the U. When the girls realized that they’d known each other all along, they were completely blown away.“I was screaming and jumping and screaming some more,” Roaya said. ” Roaya says her mom has actually been trying to find Nissma’s mom on Facebook.[A rocket scientist says his gadget could end distracted driving. ] From January to June 2016, highway deaths increased 10.4 percent compared with the same period a year earlier, according to the New York Times.A major cause: the use of apps on Internet-connected smartphones.“As a father of teens, I often feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped with the changes that social media are making in our everyday lives.

Kristen Hatton has provided a huge dose of information, wisdom, and gospel-oriented encouragement in this book. Gresham Machen Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California; author of Core Christianity; cohost of the White Horse Inn“We’ve long since passed a time when socialization of our children was the limited domain of families, churches, and schools.

Her name was Nissma Bencheikh, and Roaya’s friend thought the two girls would get along well.

“They both went to the same summer camp in New York together, and throughout the whole thing, she said this girl totally reminded her of me,” Roaya explained.

By teenage years our children face an array of influences, not the least being the pervasive and growing impact of social media.

Kristen Hatton has written a wise, winsome, and biblically informed road map to help girls navigate an online culture that can create enormous pressure and anxiety.

After hanging up the call, Nissma’s dad asked Roaya what her mom’s name was. ” Roaya says at that point she was “very confused.” Roaya and Nissma’s mothers had been best friends when the girls were young and living in Canada.