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Because it totally disregards the new moons, the Gregorian solar calendar is unacceptable in determining Yahweh’s holy days.Anciently, and even during the time of the Messiah, the months and annual holy days were governed by the new moons.

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The Jewish calendar does list the weekly Sabbaths as well as the Festival Days.By observing them we not only comply with the heavenly command, but we also get “in synch” with Yahweh’s ways.Observing the important scriptural Feast days upon the correct day and month is most difficult if we lack a reliable calendar.Other important events are tied to Yahweh’s Feasts as well.The correct date of the annual Sabbath could be especially important for us in the future.It pays no attention to the new moons as marking the beginning of the months, although the word month is based on the word moon (from Old Saxon manoth, meaning of the moon), i.e., the phases of the moon. 2320 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance), is translated either “month” or “new moon.” Chodesh is from No.

2318, chadash, a prime root meaning to be new; cause to build, and is translated renew or repair.

We recognize that the annual Sabbaths should be observed throughout the year, and must be observed at the proper time.

Had the Israelites been keeping Passover a day late, the destroying angel would rightfully have destroyed both Israelite and Egyptian firstborn.

Some months in our Gregorian calendar have two new moons!

The Biblical calendar is based on the recurring new moons, with a lunar year of 354 days.

Yahweh established the “lights” in the sky to be man’s calendar.