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Micky Fins' specialties include Chilean sea bass, fresh Deal Island soft crabs, dayboat scallops, and our jumbo lump crab cakes.","promo Dek":null,"author":null,"duration":77,"air Date":,"date Created":,"date":"2017-11-09 ","keywords":"tsa, Donald Trump, news, video, president of the united states, cbs, ","tags":[,,,,,],"image":,"promo Image":,"show Style":"video-logo-cbs-this-morning","suppress":false,"season":"1","episode":"1","mpx Ref Id":"Rqt Lj Co Hqd OZSRnp Fl Yd Tsbz89X32nx L","segment":1,"viewable":true,"is60minfranchise":false,"is60Extra":false,"is6048Preview":false,"topic":"cbs-this-morning-eye-opener-8am","topic_name":"Eye Opener 8am","topic_parent_slug":"cbs-this-morning","topic_parent":"CBS This Morning","collection":null,"primary Topic":,"type Name":"content_video","pid":"69yx R5g Df5k H","url":"rtmp:\/\/\/ondemand\/?

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Be on the lookout for: After your tour of the house, step inside this wacky movie studio and meet the one and only Mickey Mouse!So I decided to make a new design with three specifications.A flat top structure to give good support for the ceiling that will come some day and horizontal bottom linings to make it easier to design posts for holding the whole thing. Believe me, creating this thing was my most challenging sketchup work I’ve done so far.auth=cbs&aifp=v001&slist=media\/2017\/11\/09\/1092101187654\/1109_CTM_Eye Opener8am_1437903_796.mp4 O1e Z_":,"Vt NAv Ie Ltx6S":,"f7ihjnr Dkzna":,"d Ync RF4Za Gdo":,"m Vv Cxp2C_ed S":},"paging":,"related":[],"popular":,"sponsored":"false","product Status":false,"search":null,"type":"category","label":"Featured","pagetype":"door","prizma Enabled":false,"value":null}}' data-component='["cbsvideoui"]'In his first full day in China, President Trump was welcomed with an elaborate ceremony in Beijing. and China trade relationship, calling it one-sided and unfair, but the president said "I don't blame China" for taking advantage of the U. He also called on China to act faster on North Korea. Then, head inside the Screening Room to catch classic clips on a big screen of some of Mickey’s greatest animated hits, like .

Meet Mickey From the Screening Room, it’s onto the grand finale: an opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse.

Behind Mickey’s House, you’ll find Mickey’s Movie Barn, home to costumes and props from some of Mickey’s most famous cartoons.

Wander past movie cameras, painted backdrops and clucking chickens, and glimpse a collection of familiar faces at the Stable of Stars.

I want to let you know what I’ve done for the last weeks.

First I tried to install my window frame to the cockpit.

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the one and only Mickey Mouse lives during a walk-though tour of his house.