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Millionaire dating tv series

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We can all relate to that quarter-life fuck now what crisis that we’re all going through. This Valentine’s Day I am single and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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I start to tell my joke about how my mother thinks she’s a matchmaker by trying to set me up with Enrique Iglesias who she only “knows” from watching him on . If you’ve seen the clip all you hear is me saying, “My mother thinks she’s a matchmaker” and “Enrique Inglasis.” . As soon as the camera turns off Patti and her posse are suddenly super nice. This comes with the news of emerging rifts amongst relationships between various cast members LUXY® , according to CEO, Tim T, “works just like Tinder, with one big exception: our app is for wealthy people only.It’s basically Tinder minus the poor people.” The #1 millionaire dating app regularly boasts an affluent clientele from across the globe, like LA, Miami, New York, Paris and London. Here I was thinking I was chosen for my personality and killer application only to find out that I was cast as a joke?! And you can’t really summarize why we do what we do or fully explain what we’re feeling with blogs of GIFs from , etc. Almost as trite as YOLO is the sudden discovery that being in your 20s is a scary weird time. Because while you may only live once, on reality TV, you live like a million times because Bravo loves re-runs.

SILICON VALLEY, CA — July 18, 2016 — LUXY App ( the dating site that caters to the 1% crowd, are in talks to sponsor popular UK TV show “Made in Chelsea” after the revelation that some cast members have been linked to the millionaire dating app.

In the back of my head I’m ironically singing “Matchmaker” from . But then thinking she’s probably heard it a bunch of times.

PATTI: And you’re not sure if you live with your ex? This must have been the part of the application I rushed through.

Sources have revealed that millionaire matchmaker dating app Luxy have been in talks to sponsor popular UK TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’ for the approaching series next year.

A spokesman from the company has said that the show “represents the type of people we’ve got here at Luxy”, the spokesman also suggested that a number of Made In Chelsea cast members may be signed up.

While I may have embarrassed myself on national television, I learned to accept my quarter-life crisis and discovered that it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day. I can thank YOLO for inspiring me to do something seemingly as tacky as that trucker hat. Word of advice: No matter how good of an idea it sounds at the time.