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Contraception can prevent pregnancies and guard against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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Nagarwala has claimed through her lawyer that she did not engage in any actual cutting, but rather that she removed a membrane from the genital area using a "scraper" and gave it to the parents to bury in the ground as part of a religious custom within her Indian-Muslim community, known as the Dawoodi Bohra. One of the girls in Minnesota was temporarily removed from the home but is now back with her parents.Lee, then a family physician at Perdido Bay Family Care, was arrested in early 2014 after he posted an ad in the personals section of Craigslist looking for a man under the age of 25 and then began emailing a boy named "Matt."Investigators arrested Lee when he arrived at the meeting and a search of his vehicle found erectile dysfunction medication.Lee later admitted during trial that the court's record of the interaction between him and the undercover investigator was accurate, according to the appeal opinion.According to the Florida Department of Health's licensing database, Lee's medical license was revoked last year because of the criminal charges.Lee's trial attorney, Patrece Cashwell, was not available for comment Thursday.A Perdido doctor who was found guilty of traveling to meet with who he thought was a 14-year-old boy for sex will be resentenced.

In an opinion handed down Thursday by Florida's First District Court of Appeal, a panel of judges affirmed and reversed parts of Brian Lee's case.

Here, according to the unsealed complaint, is what investigators saw happen outside the clinic at 6 p.m. At p.m., a mother and 7-year-old girl enter the clinic.

MENUEen seizoensgebonden gerecht met zoveel mogelijk streekproducten en biologische groenten uit eigen moestuin Incl.

A followup exam by a Minnesota doctor revealed that the girls' genitals had been altered. Authorities said they also intercepted phone calls in which Attar's wife is heard telling one Michigan member of the religious community not to cooperate if investigators inquire about the procedures.

According to surveillance video outside the clinic, Nagarwala, Attar and Attar's wife were all there. Four minutes later, Attar handed her a white bag in the parking lot. At p.m., Attar's wife arrives and enters the clinic. She allegedly told that parent to "completely deny" allegations of genital mutilation and "to say that nothing happened."Attar and his wife are scheduled to appear in U.

Jumana Nagarwala, who was charged last week in what is the nation's first federal prosecution of genital cutting.