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Mr fitz and aria dating in real life

mr fitz and aria dating in real life-18

And remember how I said that gave me a weird feeling and that I needed to put a pin in until I had processed it enough to talk smart about it? A quick overview of this week’s episode: After Ali’s dad announces his plan to go out of town a few days after his wife was dug up in the hole where his daughter had been previously buried alive, Ashley Marin invites Ali to move in with her and Hanna.Hanna is super not fine with it, especially after Ashley offers up her coveted bath salts (which Hanna herself requested to use one million times! Hanna gets right to work skipping out on her mom and day drankin’ with Caleb.

Later, he revealed that he seduced Aria on purpose, knowing that she was underage and that he was going to be her authority figure.She doesn’t even come home at night anymore, but Ashley can’t be fussed about that at the moment because Ali is sleeping in the closet and worrying about hearing someone trying to break into the house. Or rather, someone actually does break into the house, making Hitchcockian shadow puppets on the wall.Ashley calls the cops and Detective Tanner shows up, trying to poke more and more holes in Alison’s stories.Over a delicious dinner of Cheetos and root beer, Radley Rhonda tells Aria that Mrs. Like “take her upstate and let her adopt a horse” close.So Aria sends Emily and Spencer to the stables to do recon, but Spencer’s 11 years of English riding lessons are too highfalutin’ for this ranch. The standard super-muscled, vaguely-20s-ish white guy is not much help, but Emily and Spencer do find Melissa’s riding helmet in one of the stables.And finally, Ella the Perfect shows back up with Zach to do wedding stuff, and he immediately starts trying to hook-up with Hanna. She shows up at the Brew, drunk off her ass and looking for a sandwich, and he invites her in and licks his lips a hundred times and says he always was into bad girls and fondles her.

And then the next day, he hops into her car uninvited and puts his hand all over her bare thigh and says he knows she feels the same vibe he’s feeling.

And the story’s not finished; there’s still a long way to go.

It doesn’t bring me any bit of joy to talk about the thing we have to talk about, but we gotta do it.

Not for the first time, she asked Noel Kahn to dress up in a disguise and attack her.

She did it so the Liars will at least have one adult who can rest comfortably in her web of deceit.

Specifically what it looks like is: Blaming victims of sexual assault for what happened to them (if you hadn’t been drunk/wearing something so slutty/hanging out at this place at that time of day, you wouldn’t have been assaulted); trivializing rape (it was just a bad hook up, you just regret consenting to it, rape jokes); music and stories that perpetuate the idea that women can’t trust their own judgement (“you know you want it”); and narratives that normalize stalking, harassment, and the erasure of female agency.