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Myspace dating quiz

Trust me ❤️ My boyfriend, keeps bringing up 💗 I am only 17 and I love him more than anyone could ever love another man.

” icon Remember the feeling of your heart jumping into your throat when you saw that you had a new message after signing in?Chris abandoned My Space altogether around this time.Three archived snapshots of Chris's pages have been preserved.” quiz and got anything but Regina George, it was kind of a “meh” on whether that was worth sharing. Those Quizilla results were serious business – and a really easy way to clog up your page if you weren’t careful, so you had to be . “Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone.'” (Genesis 2.18) Whether you are single and looking for someone to marry, are already married, or have taken a vow of celibacy, hopefully these can give you a good laugh!

The photos no longer work, but we can all enjoy the fact that his bio says he has "30 registered fan clubs ...

“BRB,” you updated your AIM away message in any font that wasn’t Comic Sans, “drowning my sorrows in a Subway foot-long.” Choosing the right profile song If you were gonna go emo, you couldn’t go TOO emo. That Dashboard song that everyone in the audience cries during? Or you could just have gone my route and posted Goo Goo Dolls, because that’s how I rolled (like I said, I was kind of bad at being cool/My Space).

Deciding which quiz results to post If you took the “Which ‘Mean Girl’ are you? Wondering why Tom never changed his profile pic Did he just not own anything other than that white shirt?

When I'm with my friends and his friends he includes me .

When we're doing class work in geography ( we sit together ) he writes positive notes when we mark each other's work . Now he does and he said he didn't like me back :( . Do you think I still have a chance next year when we're more mature ? I like this guy and he loves me but my friend also likes him!!! I have a crush on a very cute guy from my school and he knows about it but doesn't ask me out .. But I want to tell him that we started as friends..

and a collective attendance of over 20000 fans for mall tours." Mall tours! The most interesting nugget is that Drake had 10,000 friends at the time.