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Naija live girls cam to cam

Naija live girls cam to cam-83

(I always shout this out loud in my head when I type it.. Was such a good day even though I felt like God just threw me into that one as I was planning to do that towards the end of the year. If you are really close to me then you will see me hanging this sign up daily.

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Continue reading My days are all jumbled up and I blame it on jet lag. Continue reading Hey people Supposed to be day 17 Jetting off in a bit so you get a post once I land. Cant wait to be home though it’s been one extremely long trip for me and really hectic too It’s a long flight and I intend to sleep if David will let me. I really wanted to but in some funny way it looks like my day wasn't a full 24 hours. Continue reading Hey wifey It's day 9 and it's Wednesday. My God I just realized I have my days all mixed up. Which means I did a thankful Tuesday rather than a post for wives yesterday. Continue reading Hey people I'm back and it's day 2. For some funny reason I started off this post singing in my head. That way I can actually search my heart to know if it’s really … It’s been ages 😁 I’ve missed you guys but then again life just happens. I’m going to just go with the flow and correct this tomorrow and then … But you see, usually before I do a blog post I would play it over in my heart then think it through in my head before I actually put any words down. So I’m glad today is thankful Tuesday because I definitely have a reason to thank God and to be … So I slipped under the radar yesterday which means I didn't or should I say couldn't blog. I'm currently in Chicago for #GLS17 at Willow Creek community church. I've laughed, I've cried, I've been challenged, educated, inspired and wowed … It’s one of my two special days in August Everyone who knows me or even knows about me probably knows by now why August 22 is so special to me. You guessed right it’s because of these two amazing miracles God sent to me. Continue reading Hello mummy Today is day 10 and it's been such a full day for me. Such amazing speakers Bill Hybels Sheryl Sandberg Marcus Lemoni Frederik Haren Michael jr And of course Andy Stanley whom I totally love. It's time for us to kick off our heels and settle into our Chayil Haven. I was sitting in a shuttle bus after a 3 hour flight into Chicago and as we made our way down to … Today I’m doing a combo of Thankful Tuesday and dilemma Tuesday. For those that know her, you know she's her father's daughter through and through and before you can get her to sleep … So I'm both proud of myself and extremely pleased that she's snoring softly at 10pm and it's not a school night.

I find that I’ve been fulfilling more of my pastoral role than my writing or blogging …

For some funny reason I keep thinking to myself today is the day I finally get to blog and at the end of the …

Spent most of the morning cleaning through the cobwebs on this blog I honestly cannot believe I have been away from the blog this long. ” Running towards me arms open wide Dassah: “Aaaaaaaah!

Hey Ladies Okay so of course you know it’s Wednesday and as usual Wednesdays are for wives. Our bible sense for day 4 and our instruction for today is one scripture that has been a guiding light in the last 12 years of my marriage. Continue reading It’s day 3 and Today I think the word speaks for itself. Like the ninth month that it is, it’s delivering all the amazing blessings it should. Continue reading Yesterday was such a good day for me. It will be three amazing services- 2 on the mainland and 1 at our Island centre.

No matter what version you read though the message is the same I particularly like the message translation though because it makes it clear that sometimes the thing we even worry about may not even happen and even if it does God makes a firm promise to help us deal with … “Today you are not women, you are soldiers of Christ.. I’m not asleep yet so I decided to do this quickly before going to bed…

Continue reading Hey people It’s been just 6 days into September and I already have too much to be grateful for. So today is just me putting up a picture that’s special to me.